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DC X Carrots | Anwar Carrots Interview

January 13,2022

To celebrate the drop of the DC X Carrots Collection, we caught up with founder Anwar Carrots to talk about the collab and so much more. He rapped out with us about starting his own brand, growing up on a skateboard, and his love for DC.


Check out this short film “Priorities” for the DC X Carrots Collaboration. Directed by Davonte Jolly. Co-produced by Jimmy Gorecki and Anwar Carrots.  



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For any DC fans who are unfamiliar with Carrots, what’s the brand all about?

It's about me bringing the juxtaposition of farming and fashion and music together. Collectively creating with companies and friends. It's about what I want to put out aspirational standpoint. Plus it's about a beautifully colored vegetable that has endless reference points and inspiration to pull from.


Tell us a little bit about how the collaboration came together.

It honestly came about via Twitter. I was personally dm’d from a guy who works for the European company who owns DC.


What was the inspiration behind the custom DC logo you designed?

Wanted to see what it looked like if we used our fonts without disrupting the IP DC has built. Shit came out fire! Lol


When/how did you first get into skateboarding?

I got into skateboarding from seeing the ice cream skate dvd elements of fashion hip hop and skate and Japanese street wear culture all in one pot had me hooked. Then being around it in my teens hanging out on Fairfax. More of your a to b skater not mr. hardbody. hahaha I just like to cruise.


Did DC influence you at all as a designer? 

I grew up in the whole Rob & Big world by working from Rogue Status from 2007-2009 so it was embedded. 


How do you like working on shoes vs apparel? Have sneakers always been a part of your life? 

I love working with shoes simply cause I know what I already like and I like being a part of heritage and/ or history. Not the oh need my own silhouette kind of guy just like sprinkling my carrot juice on stuff here and there. Not the one to mess tradition up but to add to it. Kind of even how I purchase sneakers… classic.


What did the DC Lynx mean to you as a youth?

Classic! Didn't wear em but I knew that those were the ones! 


What’s your favorite piece in the collection?

My favorite piece will have to be the black Manteca's. Such a perfect silhouette for sport and casual!

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